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We adhere to some rigid rules which help us achieve our goals. In no particular order, here they are:

We’re passionate about bringing every project we take on all the way to the release. Our success rate, for now, is 100%, while the average worldwide is dips below 90%.

We’re extremely focused on communications. It means full transparency: the customer can ask for all the required info at any point, and a dedicated account manager will request it quickly.

All our developers are in-house, and we never collaborate with freelancers.

OnTID experience includes product development, so we clearly understand the pain of startups and product companies.


The top priority for OnTID, in every project we take on is bringing advantages to the customer’s business.
This means that if the customer pays us a certain amount, then as a result, they must earn or save an amount that exceeds what was spent as soon as possible. We think that satisfied and successful customer in the long term is better than a quick, short-term buck, and that’s a key to prosperity.

Since the advantages of a customer’s business are crucial, they’re the driver of the development of all of our projects. This allows us not only to create a solution that will perform business tasks but also save significantly.

First of all, we carefully identify the issues and opportunities of the business that can be affected, and coordinate with the customer.

We start from these points in the development process.

All project tasks, including new ones, are considered exclusively through the prism of these goals.

We focus primarily on facts and data, and only then on the hypotheses.

The results must always be verifiable.

Veritas Lab is one of the largest laboratories networks in the USA. We have developed a web solution for registration, ordering, and payments online, as well as the CRM system. Since the project launched the revenue increased by 17%, and the stock value of the Veritas Lab rose by $17mln.

We’ve created and launched a goodie bag online store for the biggest CIS confectionary factory Kommunarka. As a result, it helped to increase sales of the goodie bags by 14%, that is equaled to $1,3mln just in the first holiday season.


Korolya 9, Minsk

Republic of Belarus

TEL: +375 44 712-08-09

FAX: +375 44 712-08-09

Headquarters, R&D