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Healthace solution

Electronic medical record

Taking into account our previous experience in the medical field, Ontid offers a profitable solution that fully meets your requirements, with the ability to scale to other methods.

relationships with clients
your business processes
Electronic medical record solution
EMR advantages

Electronic Record Medical System is easily personalized, very flexible and can be implemented for any business processes.

The EMR system allows you

to build excellent relationships with clients (to manage and increase Lifetime Value)

The EMR software can be used

Working verin a wide range of medical services: DNA-testing, stomatology, blood analysis, drug testing, etc.; for such techniques for general ultrasound, electrocardiogram, holter monitor reporting, and can provide smart reportingsion of the physical product

The cloud-based software

Manufacturing have the ability to connect to your existing EHR System or other third-party systems final physical product

Will fully comply with the standards:

HIPAA compliant, FedRamp approved and meets standards of the Inter-societal Accreditation Commission (ICAEL)HIPAA compliant, FedRamp approved and meets standards of the Inter-societal Accreditation Commission (ICAEL)

Electronic medical record solution
Cloud based web app

Our EMR system is full cloud-based software – all you need is internet connection

  • Backup database and system files to avoid data loss
  • Implementation for Administrator/Doctor the functionality of saving the entire history of patient visits and any attached files to the corresponding visit with the ability to download it on a computer and print.
  • Record of all actions of Doctors and Administrators (system logging of actions) in order to control the actions of all users
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface of cloud-based software
  • Integration with thrid-party services (ex. Google, Dropbox and etc.)
  • Ability to work with sort with different data: adaptation of the web application for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers for the convenience of working with different computers, laptops and tablets
the System access
3 levels of access
For administrator
  • ability to register/edit/delete Doctors and Patients, any records and data in the system, download/ print out the history or data
  • enable/disable Doctors’ access to the system without deleting Patients’ records
  • ability to view the list of Doctors and their Patients in a convenient form
  • notification to the Administrator by e-mail about the introduction of new records by the Doctor
For doctors
  • the ability to make/edit/delete the data for each Patient in a convenient editor (close to Word) online and attach all necessary files
  • remote access for Doctors from all over the world with the ability to view the Patient’s medical history and provide conclusions/reports
For patients
  • notifications and ability to review their medical history
  • the ability to view the Doctor’s profile and send him/her a message
  • calendar of visits to the Doctor and reminders of visits to the Doctor
Try Demo of Electronic Medical Records Solution!
Provide the best care for your patients!

Our healthcare IT solution can be implemented into your existing business processes to facilitate better patient care through technology. We have prepared the Demo version of EMR Solution. So that you can test it!

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