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Custom outsourcing web software development firm - Newtown, CT, Fairfield

The global information technology capitals are located in two places: the United States and Western Europe. For several years, the United States has suffered from what many would call a shortage of talented tech professionals and are unable to compete with tech giants, and more Western European countries are starting to offer developers from around the globe towering wages. Yet, Western European countries have a hard time finding and recruiting the finest developers at the local level to lower the price of essential software development. This is the primary reason why offshore development outsourcing company in Newtown is such a popular, effective, and efficient solution toward filling this critical business need, specifically from companies based in Eastern Europe.

For ongoing projects we choose
Only reliable and proven technology development.

We find out what do you want from your projeсt and how you are going to implement it


We create the most effective architecture for your project using appropriate technologies


Our QA-engineer checks the project for technical errors for users and browsers


You are viewing the test version of the finished project and after your approval, we launch it


After the launch of the project, we support it, and this ensures permanent performance to your project

technology stack

The technological base of the transfer includes the platform and products of leading world manufacturers.

Our employees can choose technological directions, study new technologies, both independently and in groups of interest.

Newtown software

With such a variety of management and communication tools readily available, you can establish a great partnership with custom web software development firm located in Newtown and experience absolutely no difference outsourced or local projects. In the case of hiring, OnTID in Belarus for instance, it would be defined appropriately as the “offshore web software development company” that will fill your information technology needs. Simply put it’s the process in which a reputable company carries out some type of service or procures a product in another country, usually at a significantly lower cost. Belarus offers a lot of tax incentives and lowered labor costs, specifically in the information technology industry. Some of the factors you should consider for hiring a company in Belarus for offshore web development outsourcing in Newtown are:

  • Companies here can concentrate on your business’s core information technology concerns, and are available 24/7 to problem-solve and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • Software developers at these companies have significantly less vertical domain experience and, as a result, will put in extra effort to provide more efficient output.
  • Highly knowledgeable and talented software developers are readily available and can address all types of information technology-related issues and concerns.
  • The custom web software development company can handle most small or simple tasks without having to waste valuable resources like added time and labor.
  • Companies in Eastern European countries, such as Belarus, Poland, and Russia, are closely aligned culturally and socially to those in Western Europe and the U.S., unlike Southeast Asian countries, like India and Vietnam, which also have lower English level proficiencies and have difficulties with communicating complex ideas.

In order to find the right custom web software development company in Newtown you can rely upon to create a successful IT product that is a custom fit for your unique needs, you need to do a little research. There are hundreds of other options and the disparity between a regular offshore software development company and a great custom software development company can mean all the difference in developing a successful product. We’ve come up with some important things to keep in mind when you’re vetting a bespoke software development company in Newtown:

  1. Ask for Recommendations and/or Referrals Ask people in your network or professional circle for any recommendations and/or referrals for great custom web software developers in Newtown . This will speed up the process for gathering a list of the best options available to you and also serve as means to gather trustworthy and honest feedback.
  2. Bring up Coding Practices with the Developers There is a direct link between the level of coding quality and the success of the application that is built. You need to bring up coding practices with the developers before moving forward with any project. Suggest there be no buggy or resource-hungry codes and there is more Lean coding.
  3. Evaluate Software Developers’ Portfolios Ask to review the developers’ portfolios. Look for similar projects (e.g., multi-year or multi-enterprise) to get a sense of their skill level and likelihood of developing your application without any problems. Developers move from one company to another quite often, so you need to ensure those who will be working on your project have the right experience.
  4. Know the Differences Between Software Systems It’s important to become familiar or have a good sense for the different types of software development systems, such as UNIX and Windows. Some companies may specialize in one system, so you need to determine which technology you need your application built in and ensure the company you are discussing the project with is experienced in that system.
  5. Ask about the Product’s Estimated Delivery A good history and track record of delivering products on time is essential. You need ample time to test the application and to report the presence of bugs or other issues. Any delays in delivering the product can cost your business a lot of money. Make sure you determine a series of milestones and deadlines during the negotiation phase.
  6. Make Constant Communication a Priority When you choose an outsourcing development company in Newtown you need to check that its developers aren’t the type of professionals who prefer to work completely isolated from the outside world. You need constant communication to receive updates and make any decisions that affect the success of your application and business initiatives.
  7. Make Ownership of the Product 100% Clear Imagine finding out that your developed product is being used by your competitors? This is a business nightmare and can happen to anyone who isn’t diligent about clarifying the ownership of said product. Your custom software application should be owned by you alone and should not be shared with others without your explicit permission.
  8. Evaluate the Company’s User Experience History One of the hallmarks of a great outsourcing development company is its ability to provide outstanding user experience. Your company’s success should be your number one a priority and a run-of-the-mill company who can only offer short solutions without valuing their customers’ experience won’t do you any good. Look into a company’s history to see what customers have to say about its expertise and resources.
  9. Ask Questions about Security and Safety Issues Whichever custom web software development service in Newtown you choose, should be certified to work on high-security and high-safety issues. In addition to any questions you have about personal or proprietary data that be at risk, you need to know what steps the company will have in place to deal with dangerous viruses, cyber criminals, and other threats to ensure sensitive data is protected and that there is a sound plan to follow if the product does not work correctly.
  10. Make Sure You Will Have Support After Delivery After-development support is an essential service that isn’t readily provided by non-reputable companies. When discussing your product with a custom software development company, make sure you get a written commitment to provide things like software configuration, orientation, customization, maintenance, and backup services for an extended period of time. As more businesses consider Belarus as a prime location for their offshore software application development firm in Newtown needs, business owners need to be careful they select a developer who can make promises in writing and stick to them without any confusing or misguided language.

The question of hiring a credible outsourcing development company is one you cannot take lightly. Meet with your management team as well as other key decision makers to weigh all of the pros and cons that come from vetting the right company and making the hire. OnTID, in Belarus, is a great choice because it has an excellent reputation as being one of the best custom software developers in Newtown for the unique and state-of-the art business needs in the market today.



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