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WEB applications

Project goals
Allows clients' employees to share vacancies with their network. From the information in the personal account, people can immediately know about open positions and requirements
Project review
The vendor provides a successful ongoing engagement. OnTID finishes their deliverables on time and they produce excellent solutions as a result.
Project goals
Online orders for professional photo printing. Authentic is a photo lab with an official Diasec license. They produce both the Digital Print (photograph) and the Diasec finish.
Project review
OnTID were a perfect addition to my project, in which I needed some extra hands to build features for a web application to bridge a busy period. They showed skill and expertise, and because they were good communicators I enjoyed working with them a lot.

app development

An online platform that allows all types of workers to have a job near their houses by sharing jobs with other workers. It gives the ability to find colleagues in a similar field of activity, match them, and make chats. Also, the app helps people to measure their burnout level
Project review
OnTID has oriented the client in the right direction with their work. Their method of working in weekly sprints and providing detailed reports has been efficient and informative. Compared to other companies, they're flexible and competent in product development.
Executive search and interim management services primarily in Sales, Marketing, Digital, and for Top-level leaders
Medicine & healthcare
Website development with unique solutions for one of the largest laboratory networks in the US that produce tests for DNA, drug, and alcohol
Video & Live Streaming
Revolution in the online TV industry with an unprecedented online web app for TV&movie professionals from any point on the planet
United system for interbank information exchange in a unified format and with common standards
The app for event scheduling, facility management, and automatic event registration
Ready to work together? Let's make it real!
Node.js is one of the best and most popular ways to use JavaScript for server-side programming. Based on the Google V8 engine
PHP is the most popular for the back-end with an 83% share. It's a relatively inexpensive, cross-platform, agile, and flexible tool with one of the largest ecosystems
TypeScript is an open-source Javascript-based language. It's one of the most commonly used tools in the world, by adding static type definitions
MongoDB is rich JSON documents, powerful query language, all the power of a relational database, and more
MySQL is a fully-managed database service, instant provisioning, and data protection
PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source object-relational database system that uses and extends the SQL language in combination with many features
React.js is the most popular JavaScript tool nowadays. It's a library for the development of massive web&mobile applications. Developed and maintained by Facebook, it has a promising future
Angular.js is a feature-rich JavaScript framework for the perfect, modern, complex, and fast-running web app development
React Native is a framework that combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces
API makes life easier for Developers and Customer. It also controls access to resources used for communication between services
JavaScript allows creating fast, compelling, and fully interactive user interface elements. Also, expanding the functionality
WordPress is customizable design, SEO-friendly pages, responsive mobile sites, high performance, high security, powerful media management, easy and accessible tool

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